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Google AdWords: It is one of Google's advertising products task, that provides payment service per click PPC (Pay Per Click). Used by entrepreneurs and websites for publicity and attract customers and visitors.

Types of Google AdWords Campaigns:

  • » Search Network with Display Select
  • » Search Network
  • » Display Network
  • » Shopping
  • » Video

››  Search Network with Display Select

This campaign type helps you to reach more people as they use Google search or visit sites across the web.

››  Search Network

This campaigns let you show your ads to people who are searching for you on the Google Search Network.

››  Display Network

This campaigns are best if you'd like to show ads on websites and apps when your keywords are related to the sites' content.

››  Video

This campaigns let you show video ads on their own or within other streaming video content on YouTube and across the Google Display Network.

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