BlueStars Marketing’s FAQ


• BlueStars Marketing's FAQ

» Who is BlueStars Marketing?

  • ›› BlueStars Marketing is one of the best Advertising and Designing company in( Iraq, Turkey and Emirates ), BSM introduce the best services to your company or your business like ( Advertising, Designing and Managements) Services.

» What BlueStars Marketing Offer to your Business?

  • ›› BlueStars Marketing introduce to your company the best Online Advertising and Designing Services and Manage your business in high quality to imprive the performane of your company.

» Why BlueStars Marketing for Marketing?

  • ›› You know there's a huge companies that introduce a different Advertising and Designing services, But BlueStars Marketing has a good features concerning Advertising and Designing services.
• Online Advertising's FAQ

» What is Meaning SEM (Search Engine Marketing)?

  • ›› It is a service similar to the seo in terms of making the website ahead in the first pages of the search engines (Google, Yahoo and Bing). And to maintain progress by writing good content and competition for the keyword search

» What is Meaning SSM (Search Social Media)?

  • ›› It is a service of advertising services in Social Media (Facebook, Twitter and Instagram ), Where the money will be deducted in several cases by type of announcement
    1. When you press announcement
    2. When you watch the video
    3. When you interact with the announcement ... and many others

» What is Meaning PPC (Pay Per Click)?

  • ›› It is a service of advertising services in Global Search Engines (Google, Yahoo and Bing). Which include payment when the pressure on announcement. ( money will be deducted when buying or pressure the ad )

» What is Meaning SEO (Search Engine Optimization)?

  • ›› Is a lead service in Global Search Engines ( Google, Yahoo and Bing ) and compete for first position in it. and competition for search words that are being contested by thousands of sites and make the website at the forefront
• Designing's FAQ

» Why LOGO important to your Business?

  • ›› Usually when you thing to begin or establish your own business, first think how it's going to be LOGO, Because the LOGO Regarded as the name of the company.

» Why BlueStars Marketing for Inerior Design?

  • ›› BlueStars Marketing is considered the first company in Interior Design field, Because it has a team that has extensive experience in Designs field. This team has ability to create a world of psychological comfort in there designs.

» Why BlueStars Marketing for Exterior Design?

  • ›› BlueStars Marketing is considered the first company in Exterior Design field, The experience of our team play a positive role in Exterior designs, Because the customers always looking for luxury and psychological comfort at homes.