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Banner Ads Services

Banner Advertising Services – BlueStars Marketing

Banner advertising is One of the most important factors that make an online business effective, That make websites and blogs increasing the traffic on them, So if you see at the top, bottom, right or left rectangular graphic display across sidebar of a website that mean a Banner Advertising.

There are 3 Common Types of Banners:

  • » Static Banner Ads
  • » Animated Banner Ads
  • » Flash Banner Ads

›› Static Banner Ads

This type of banner Ads(Static Banner Ads) is simplest, Because is contains texts and graphic, It is suitable for all the website and blogs, So when you choose the image and texts should be meaningful in order to attract people's attentions.

• Why we choose Static Banner Ads ?
It is Effective, Simple, High CTR rate and Most traditional type of banner Ads.

›› Animated Banner Ads

This type of banner Ads(Animated Banner Ads) is more Power full, This type of banner also be as interactive as a flash banner. Because it use GIF banners.

• Why we choose Animated Banner Ads ?
It is Use multiple frames, All devices supported, High CTR and for Viewing doesn’t need a plug-in.

›› Flash Banner Ads

This type of banner Ads(Flash Banner Ads) is effective, Because make the blogs and website more realistic and interactive, And we can use sounds and some effects is possible in the Animated banners ads.

• Why we choose Flash Banner Ads ?
It is Attractive, Easy to explain anything, High CTR and It's sound gets attention quickly.

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