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Youtube Ads Services

YouTube Advertising Services – BlueStars Marketing

YouTube is a free website for video sharing  that make you watch online videos, You can create and upload your own videos to share with others peoples. Now YouTube is growing prominence in popular culture, Through online YouTube advertising has become a highly effective venue for accessing massive audiences . So if you want more YouTube subscribers, YouTube leads, Sales or brand exposure — YouTube Ads will cover it.

There are 3 Types of YouTube Ads:

  • » Search-In Ads
  • » Display-In Ads
  • » Stream-In Ads

›› Search-In Ads

This type of Ads (Search-in), When you search for a video in the YouTube search engine box, Once the search is finished you will see the first or the first two videos have a yellow marker and written inside Ad, This type of Ads called Search-in.

›› Display-In Ads

This type of Ads (Display-in), This Ad appear in the side of content you are watching on YouTube. This ad type is shown at the top of the recommended content and can catch users attention as they are viewing other content, This type of Ads called Display-in.

›› Stream-In Ads

This type of Ads (Stream-in), When you watch a video in the YouTube channels, Will appear an ad video that attention you in the first five seconds, Then you have a choice if you continue watching the ad video or skip by press "Skip Ad", This type of Ads called Stream-in.

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