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What is the Meaning of Interior Design?

Interior Design (Interior Architecture) Is the art of treatment places and empty spaces through the use of all elements of aesthetic designs and employing this vacuum in an artistic and creative by choosing the beautiful designs, colors, lighting and appropriate distribution of elements in a functional and technical inside the vacuum procedure, depending on the technique. Interior designers working plan and the initial idea of the aesthetic form and standards and provide design in the final image through three-dimensional images and the harmony of colors and shapes and lines fit and balance in the selection of materials. To create a world of psychological comfort. Where BlueStars Marketing Team, which is a group of engineers specialized architecture designed the latest Interior Designs, latest techniques and modern materials that reflect the art luxury and modernity that suits for you.

Here are a set of BlueStars Marketing’s Projects Designs

• Interior Design of Marble Hall of Iraq from BlueStars Marketing

• Interior Design of Ittihad Club in Syria from BlueStars Marketing

• Interior Design of Sama School from BlueStars Marketing

• Interior Design Collections from BlueStars Marketing

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